Winter Wonderland in the Dining Room

Welcome!  I try to “change it up” every year when decorating each room in my home during Christmas. This year is no exception. For today, we are visiting my Winter Wonderland dining room!

Each room in my house evokes a feeling or mood, and usually dictates how the overall style of the space will emerge. This rings true for the holidays as well. I happened to change the paint color in my dining room this year, therefore my holiday decorating  centered around the new color on the walls.

For example, I chose a beautiful blue/green in the dining room which brings me a feeling of calm, peace and an overall coastal (my favorite place) feel. So, for the holidays I centered the decor around a  peaceful coastal/woodsy winter wonderland.


This room (when not decorated for the holidays) is decorated with coastal elements. It still feels coastal, but with a winter “feel”. The placemats add texture and a natural element found on the coast, along with the sparkly pinecones in the table centerpiece.  I also added antlers flanking this centerpiece, which ties in the deer prancing all around the room!


 I chose to keep the coral (it pretty much stays year round) and add some woodsy deer friends on my buffet. The inlaid shell lamps stayed and actually adds an iridescent sparkle to the room. The deer were a new purchase this year at Michaels and were half off. I know I will re-purpose them again in my winter decor.  I added a bit of “wonderland” with the feather scarves on the deer and candlesticks, along with a bit of fresh greenery(free)!

I absolutely love deer and think they are so beautiful; especially this wintery time of year. We live in a wooded area so we get many that frolic around our property and make it feel so magical and special! However, not so good for the garden in the warmer months;)


My table setting is repurposed with my wedding china (Royal Doulton), silver chargers from Target (many moons ago bought at an end of season sale), and Pottery Barn white deer dessert plates(end of season sale). I use these plates all winter long. The drinking vessels are my crystal wedding goblets and silver julep cups.  I love these little cups; they add a sense of sparkle and charm to any place setting I do.

The beautiful porcelain “Rue” candlesticks you see flanking the end of the table, were purchased from  Green Street blog’s sale.  (Please check her blog for inspiring ideas, it is a beautiful site)! I ADORE these traditional beauties;  they are prominently displayed on my table every day.  I used them on my Thanksgiving table right after I purchased them and now my holiday table.  Thanks Fran! They also compliment my wedding china very well.


 The nests were a dollar a piece.  I thought they added a bit of sparkle and compliment the silver in my sterling flatware, the silver charger, as well as the silver tray holding my centerpiece. 

 I am really not a “theme” decorator.  However, during the holidays it  is sometimes nice to stick with an overall “feel” of a space. Yes, there are a few deer displayed in the room, yet it is not a “deer” theme. Rather, a winter scene in nature(not Rudolph’s stables;).

 Remember,  use what you have and give it a new look! The only new purchases were the deer from Michaels and the dollar nests. You really do not need to break the bank. Think outside of the box!  I never thought I would use white feathers in my decor, but (in moderation) it added a winter magic to the space that was otherwise just “ok”.  I have other rooms in my home that display traditional Christmas colors, but I wanted this space to be a bit different and unexpected (yet not overdone).  I think I accomplished that.

 Do you decorate around a “feel” of a space during the holidays or stick with traditional Christmas colors?


  1. December 16, 2014 / 2:32 pm

    I SO enjoy your blog Marley… AND I peak into your lovely home! Keep it up~ I will look forward to each and every entry!

  2. December 16, 2014 / 2:54 pm

    Thank you friend!

  3. December 19, 2014 / 4:39 pm

    GREAT work Marley! Maybe we can get coffee and play with font sizes when I am home :)

  4. December 19, 2014 / 11:09 pm

    I would love that!!! For some reason the font changes on its own and when I tried to change it it was a nightmare. I think an elf is playing with my wordpress acct.! Ha! I just posted what I had or I felt I would have lost the whole thing which happened before! I am learning, it gets easier, but I probably need a few more pointers;) Thanks Amanda!

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