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Our Master Bedroom has undergone quite a transformation over the years.  We have been in this home for 11 years and like my wardrobe, my style has evolved as well;)


After the Master Bath Reno (pictures to come) our bedroom was looking a bit tired;) Since we depleted funds on the reno I knew I had to be frugal with this space.   Like I always do, I shopped the house and added a few new things to give it a much needed update;)

I had already painted our old yellow walls a lovely gray a couple years ago and then it sat like that for far too long;)  Can anyone relate?;) The crown moulding was installed a few years into this house and all the trim and doors were replaced or painted white.  So, all I needed to do was really freshen up and update the space.


When I was married 19 (gasp!) years ago, we scrimped and saved and purchased our first significant piece of furniture; our bed.  I knew I wanted something timeless, hence the four post traditional. Way back then, I had the forethought not to buy a “suite” of furniture.  It really was never my “thing”.  I think spending money on something you truly love is worth it (this was a learning curve;) instead of just buying something to “get you buy”(if you can of course;)! Yes, I may have questioned its enormity at the time (it practically took up our whole bedroom in our first house!), but it is a focal point and my husband and I still love it- no regrets.


The detail on the posts are really beautiful and to me are classic and timeless.  It has its bumps and bruises from prior moves, but it’s a keeper for now ;)


The linens in this room were a great find!  I had an old scalloped matelessae bedspread/cover that had seen better days.  I bleached it to death and it was showing its wear;) Homegoods to the rescue!  You know when you have something in your mind but can’t seem to find it?  Or if you do it is not in your budget?  Well, one day I was browsing the clearance section (I always do;) and low and behold I found exactly what I was looking for!  This is a rare occasion, but when it happens I am one happy girl;)!  The best part?  It was $49.99 for the cover and two king shams!  I absolutely love it!  It brightens up the room and adds a bit of texture to the space.


The Barbara Barry duvet cover and euro shams were purchased when I painted the room a few years back. They still work, so they are staying for now;)

This room isn’t enormous and I wanted to keep it as open as possible so I chose chest of drawers for the “end tables” which served as storage.  Ikea to the rescue!  I simply changed the hardware to brass pulls…that is it. I feel this small change really elevated the piece. The beveled mirrors behind them reflects the light in the room and tricks the eye into thinking the space is much larger than it actually is. Try it, it really works!


I also think the white on the Ikea pieces tone down the heaviness of the bed and the clean lines add a bit of modernity to the space.  Don’t you think?


We are TV watchers and there is no way around having a big television in the room So, since it is a big black box(eyesore) I knew I needed something a bit more “feminine” to balance it out.  I shopped the house and found an old Bombay and Company (remember them?) purchase from when we moved here ( it was a cherry wood tone).  I used chalk paint to transform this piece and really love how it turned out! I also added my trusty rub n’ buff to highlight the finish work;).  It is now one of my favorite painted pieces . I do not think the picture does it justice;) I am still working on the corner where my chair is.  I need to find a little table and work on that space, but it works for now; remember the budget;)?


I love costume jewelry (well any kind of jewelry;) and had the after thought to hang it on these kitschy antlers I found at Homegoods.  I think every space should not feel too “perfect” and “buttoned up”;)  This piece adds a bit of whimsy and art  to the room and is functional as well. Although, my husband might have questioned its “whimsy” a couple of times;)!

So there you have it!  Our calm, serene Master Bedroom!  I wanted this room to feel uncluttered, simple, neutral, updated and functional.  I believe I achieved that!  I think every home should have a space away from the busy-ness of life to retreat to and for me this is the space. I feel  this space pairs nicely with the newly renovated bathroom and I did it without breaking the bank!  I have learned, over time, to love the home you have and make it work.  I think we sit on our spaces far too long because we don’t have this or that and we shouldn’t.  A little fluff here and there really can transform a space.  Now my mood is elevated when I walk in my bedroom and I feel I can breathe!

Please feel free to ask any questions about the space.  I  am happy to share sources for anything you see;)!






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