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A couple of cool things have crossed my path in the kitchen/food world.  They are so good I thought I would do a quick blog about them!

1.  The Veggetti


Have you all seen this gadget?  OK, I am a skeptic when it comes to “Made for TV” items, but this caught my eye one day in Target.  In an effort to eat healthier, add more “whole” foods to my diet and cut carbs, I thought it was worth a try.  It ROCKED MY WORLD!!!! Yes, you heard me right, it is easy, and is totally worth the $14.99 price tag!  I have only used zucchini with it, but it is life-changing.  Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but it made my zucchini taste so much better;)!

IMG_4127 IMG_4128

I used the veggetti (odd name isn’t it??) to make zucchini noodles to replace  pasta.  I sautéed the noodles in garlic and olive oil, added salt and pepper and that is it!  Add any protein you like and you have a complete meal.  I always liked the taste of zucchini but not the texture. Because the noodles get “carmalized” when sautéing them, it enhances the taste.  Did I lose you?  Anyhow, just try it…I really think you will like it;)!

2.  Coconut Oil blended in coffee

IMG_4110                                                                    My apologies for the blurry pic!

Anyone who knows me well will attest to the fact that coffee is my “jam”.  I really love it and it is a must to start my day.  Heck, I would drink it all day if I could! I love the smell, taste…it is my everything!;)

My adorable friend Amanda (Mandi) from the blog Land of Hope and Dreams told me to give this a try….and OMG it is life-changing in the coffee world;)  Not only does it taste good,  after finding this information in Real Simple magazine today, I am definitely having it everyday;) Yay!!!!


I enjoy an afternoon coffee and this is where I am incorporating this technique. It is so easy and gives your coffee a “latte” feel.  I am a bit lactose intolerant and have been eliminating a lot of dairy with my food choices lately, so this was a game changer…truly.  It makes the coffee taste a bit like a latte…you would think the coffee had milk in it!

All you do is take your brewed coffee…


Pour it in a blender…..


Add a teaspoon of coconut oil


Blend on high speed (I use the liquify setting on mine:) See how “creamy” it gets?!


And Voila!  Drink it up!


I am not saying this  replaces a “true” milk laden latte, but if you are like me and cutting out most dairy, this is a great way to get that “creamy” feel to your coffee.  And, it is an added health benefit with the addition of coconut oil! ( Sometimes I add a bit of liquid stevia before blending if I want a sweeter treat).

Oh and last but not least this is ridiculously good.  I mean I could put it on cardboard and eat it good!  The hint of Vanilla takes it over the top! I found these in the Peanut Butter isle in Target.


So there you have it!!! Three food/ideas to add to your kitchen repertoire! I would love to know in the comment section if you have tried them and/or what you think!



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