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Hi there!  I am in the midst of helping a friend/client redesign and freshen up her home interiors.  I will be sharing the progress as we complete each space.  She lives in an adorable 1800’s Victorian with tons of charm.  All of the spaces are currently in “limbo” right now, but I wanted to share a quick edit we did to an area in her library.

Here is a “Before” of her piano space.


“K” cherishes many of her things but she felt “overwhelmed” and didn’t know how to display all of her items.  Before we started with each of her rooms, I asked her “how do you want this room to feel when you walk into it?” Without hesitation she said “fresh” and “less busy” for every single one.  So, my solution was to Edit, Edit, Edit!

She has really lovely things, but as you can see in the above picture they were all competing with one another.  Also, the scale of some of the items (especially the mirror) was “off”.

Remember, she wanted to use what she had and didn’t want to purchase anything for this space.

Here is the “After”


The first thing I did was remove everything on the piano and wall above it.  I knew we needed a large mirror or  picture above the piano to anchor it.  Her walls are tall and the previous mirror looked like it was “floating” on it.

I “shopped her house” and found this great picture that she had sitting in her basement!  She loved the piece but simply didn’t know where to put it.  The colors go with the whole room and bring a bit of modernity to this space.

I wanted this to be the focal point, so the piano lamp and plant flanking the piano was enough to draw the eye “up”. I like to have something living and green in every space, so I added a small plant she had  and propped it up on some books to give it some height. The pot that it was in just so happened to pull out the cranberry color in her print.  Perfect!


This literally took 15 minutes.  She was so thrilled with the result she couldn’t wait to do more;)!

Editing is so important if you want a space to have a “fresher” or “lighter” feel which “K” wanted.  Also, adding a bit of fresh greenery (plant) accomplished this as well.  We will relocate her precious family pictures to a place where they won’t get “lost” and can be enjoyed.

So go clear a space and EDIT!  You will be amazed at how it makes you feel!



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