Teen Room Refresh *Before*

Welcome!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with family and friends!  “Back to reality” was difficult this week, but having a new project has given me the “oomph” I’ve needed to bring in 2016!


My son was long overdue for a room “refresh”.  We completed his twin brother’s room a few years ago when they both decided they wanted their own space.

Here are a couple of  pictures taken a few years ago of his brother’s room.  It has changed a bit since this picture was taken, but mostly has stayed the same. He loves it!

IMG_1990 (1)


So, as you can see I felt bad that “C”‘s room wasn’t completed or outfitted in furniture of his choosing (like his brother’s).  It was time to do something about that, so here we are!

“C”  is a 14 year old boy #wheredidthetimego? that loves to “hang” in his room.  It isn’t a large space, but not too small either.  He uses his room to do homework, use his computer, listen to music and still likes to tinker with his “collectibles” i.e., figures, cars etc. Love that about him :)

Similar to a client, I asked him how he wanted the room to “feel” and function for him.

His requests were:

A relaxing, peaceful uncluttered space

A shelf to hold his collectibles, RC vehicles, “guys”;) figures

A new “cool” lamp by his bed to read at night

A chest of drawers that actually works (his old one was broken and a hand-me down:(

A new accent rug

A new piece of artwork of his choosing ;)

A new duvet cover and pillows

I love my son more than words, but he is not the most organized or “tidy”.  He has many other strengths, but “tidy” is not one of them;)  Therefore, I knew that everything in his space had to have a purpose and be easily accessable.


Remember, he had broken furniture (drawers were broken in this chest above) which led to everything ending up on the floor;)

He also didn’t have enough storage for his things which ensued in one big mess!

 In his defense, I did start pulling things out to de-clutter, but this is pretty accurate of how things were….;)


When we moved “C”  into his new room (it was previously the guest room) I “shopped the house” and didn’t purchase anything new except bed linens, an accent rug he picked out and a side table with 2 shelves.

I made it work, but it really didn’t reflect him or his personality. It was a temporary fix. Can you relate?

However, I did paint the room using one of my favorite colors (Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore) and he loved it, so no painting needed! #happydance

“C” never complained once about his “temporary”room. But, over the holiday break he asked if it was ok if we bought a new cover for his bed since his was ripped #sweetboy;) Well, the mama guilt set in and I knew it was time for a change.

So, over the winter break, we perused the internet and had a plan in place for his room.  He was thrilled!  And, I was so happy he was so excited about the change; he certainly deserved a room “refresh”!

The bed frame, side table with shelves,  the DIY deer “art” above his bed (along with some other decorative things) stayed. We still needed more storage solutions for his “stuff” though.

“C” chose this IKEA Hemmes bedroom chest ( I will change the hardware on it). Love the color (black/brown) and it is reads “teenager” to me;) Don’t you think? ( sorry about the ugly phone stuff from the screen shot;)


I also purchased this shelf from Target to store all of his collectibles and such.  The ironwork  compliments  his bed perfectly!  I also like the warmth the wood shelving brings to the space.  Perfect!

Remember when you have a smaller space, going “vertical” like the shelf below,  is always a good option!


This small MICKE desk from IKEA will go on one side of his bed and serve a dual purpose; a computer desk and a nightstand. You have to love function:) !


I must say, you really cannot beat IKEA’s price point- especially for duvet covers and linens. I admit you have to be selective, but they have come a long way in offering more traditional choices over the years.

 “C” chose this Emmie Ruta duvet set in grey (mamma was happy;) and the bed will have red accents (his favorite color.)  I love grey and red together and think they compliment each other well. Don’t you?


(sorry about the watermark;) I couldn’t figure out how to get rid of it!  I told you my tech skills are not that great;)!

So, that is where we are!
C” is really excited and so am I!  We took a crazy trip to IKEA, and purchased the above items.  Yes, now my loving husband has to put it all together! #ijustboughtbeer;) But first, the Christmas decorations have to be put away #priorities;) I am really excited for “C” (or baby “B” as we call him #atwinthing;) to spend time relaxing in a space of his choosing!

Stay tuned my friends!






  1. Kristen Lenhardt
    January 8, 2016 / 9:36 pm

    Aw come on, now we have to wait! So exciting! Love all of his choices.

  2. January 9, 2016 / 9:06 am

    Thanks friend;) Good things come to those who wait ;) !

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