Coffee Table Tales

When we moved here almost 12 years ago (hard to believe) the twins were 2.  Therefore, my furniture had to function as well as be safe.  Our kitchen opens up to our family room where the boys used to play, so instead of a coffee table we had the popular Pottery Barn train table.  Remember those? It was such a great idea, because it had roll out wooden bins that held all of their “Thomas” train paraphernalia and I could easily watch my dynamic duo while I was in the kitchen cooking.

The little rascals outgrew me having to watch them constantly, so we moved the train table to the playroom and replaced it with what we have now.  I found this piece at my tried and true furniture source-Homegoods;) Don’t get me wrong, it is a great, solid, well made piece of furniture (Lane) and is HEAVY, but it’s showing wear and tear and we no longer need such a big piece with so much storage.

IMG_8953     IMG_8976

You can’t really tell from the pictures but it has nicks, scratches, gold permanent marker, etc. all over it.  Remember in my last post, we live “hard” at our home and well…boys;)  At the time, this piece was very functional.  The bottom drawers opened and held a TON of the boys’ dvd’s, toys and “stuff”. Well, the gents are older now and storage isn’t a necessity.  This piece has served us well and is ready for a new home;)

So, what now?  Well, function and pleasing to the eye is important;)  Here is the criteria:

  • It has to be easily movable
  • Able to hold decorative books/decor
  • Big enough to put feet up on both sides of my L shaped sectional.
  • A sturdy wipeable fabric (if I go that route)
  • Doesn’t break the bank;) Teenagers + 100lb. dog = destructive;)
  • Good looking;)

That’s really it!  I was thinking of some kind of large ottoman.  I can always use a tray for decorative items or drinks.  **Of note** Each side of the sofa has a table to place drinks etc. Here are some inspiration pictures I found (I didn’t even look at the price point;)


22810df505ef7159_1983-w95-h95-b1-p0--home-design27716eba0632656f_3358-w95-h95-b1-p0--home-designTufted Round Ottoman_media-1 fb755b39f455 Designer-Nikie-Barfield

Everly-Ottoman-BL4252 Nash+Round+Coffee+Table Nash+Square+Coffee+Table

I am not sure whether to go with a round or rectangle/square piece or an ottoman or coffee table for that matter;)  I would appreciate suggestions if you have them. You can comment below or via email.  I have a larger sectional sofa (Pottery Barn Pearce Sectional -pics above), therefore, I would like for the table/ottoman to be accessible from both sides of the sofa. Does that make sense? Looking forward to hearing from you and your suggestions! Have a great day!



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