A Friday Fix~Floral Arrangements

Happy Friday friends!  I wanted to share a quick “Friday fix” that I thought might be helpful to those who desire a quick, easy, and inexpensive solution to floral arranging! Fresh flowers always have a presence in my home.  They just make me happy and breathe “life” into an otherwise dull space-especially in the Winter!


Even if you have a tight budget, you don’t have to look far to find fabulous fresh flowers anymore!

 If you buy groceries then you are already in a floral shop as well;)  Seriously, I buy most of my flowers at Trader Joe’s.  You cannot beat the price.  Hands down they almost always have a great selection and the price point is unbeatable.  If you don’t have one near you, any grocery store is a good option as well. However, the key to flowers looking fabulous is in the styling…trust me.

Every time someone walks in my house they always want to know how I arrange my flowers.  I kind of chuckle because I am not a floral designer and honestly I don’t give much thought to it;)  When I tell them what I do they shake their head and say “oh I was doing it all wrong!” LOL!

Here are a few suggestions for a simple, easy peasy arrangement.

Tip : Group “alike” flowers 

Let me explain…if you buy a bunch of different flowers, separate them.  Most flowers look better if they keep to their own kind:) As you feel more confident in your arranging try tonal colors together, or adding “filler” etc.  Today is flower arranging 101  and an easy “quick fix” to fabulous looking flowers;)  One step at a time my friends…;)


For example, I saw these sunflowers at TJ’s and they just screamed “happy” to me;) In the cart they went and were a mere $3.99 for 5 sunflowers!  I also got a bunch of eucalyptus as filler and knew I could use it throughout the house because I love the smell;) I believe it was the same price.

Tip: Use an unconventional vessel to hold flowers.

This is key.  Think out of the box! Use something that is interesting…shop the house!  As long as it can hold water it is fair game in my house;)

IMG_5899 IMG_5894

This floral arrangement is going in the center of my kitchen table.  I am transitioning some of my blue and white pieces throughout the space, therefore I picked two vessels and “played” with them until I found what worked.  Don’t be afraid to try a couple of things.

For example, I originally thought of using the bowl on the right in the above picture.  I was going to put a “frog” in the bottom of the bowl (as seen below) to hold the sunflowers.

IMG_5896 IMG_5895

However, the sunflower stalks were too thick to fit in the holes of the “frog”, so I went with “Plan B” and used the other choice.  See?  I made an error and it was no big deal…be flexible and don’t get discouraged!

Tip: Add floral food


This usually comes with your flowers…use it!  It really prolongs the life of your beauties;)

Tip: Cut your stems short!

Don’t be afraid!  If you are scared, cut bit by bit until your desired length.  This is what gives your arrangement that “designer” feel.


And voila! Easy peasy! Right?


As you can see I ended up not using the eucalyptus.  Sometimes the flowers “sing” on their own.  Don’t worry, the eucalyptus didn’t go to waste;) Be flexible with your ideas and use what is pleasing to the eye.

I hope this has inspired you to change the way you think about grocery store flowers!


Group alike flowers

Cut stems short

Use Floral Food

Think “out of the box” and use an unconventional vessel to hold stems

Happy Weekend Friends!


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