Modern Colonial Farmhouse

Happy Monday friends!  If you are inside like me today (brutal temps!) or enjoying a day off, I have a treat for you!  I’d like to share some sunny inspiration pictures from a modern colonial farmhouse I found while browsing the web.  To say this is “eye candy” is an understatement!  It is so good I had to share;)


via Murphy & Co. Design

See what I mean?  My love for a white colonial farmhousse runs deep;)!  The architecture of this home just speaks to me and the landscaping….divine! I like the mix of hardscape materials around the grounds as well. It adds lots of visual interest and is a welcoming entrance to this spectacular home! Wouldn’t you like to have an ice cold glass of something while waiting for your ride on that perfectly weathered bench?  Yes please!

1b76afb0eea1c699b65786bcf0aa8113800a3757via Murphy & Co. Design

The back of the house has lots of windows a glorious screen porch and flagstone patio.

aa05ce0b427f0fdd8ea59c50f73088b310b604d4via Murphy & Co. Design

I think the side entrance is drool worthy;)  The 3 car garage is a lovely touch with a modern take on carriage doors.  I also like the architectural detail in the peaks and dormers. And the hydrangeas….oh my;)! So perfect!

The interiors of the home are traditional with a modern spin.  I love the juxtaposition of traditional elements with a pop of modernity to make the space feel “fresh”.

c70e8a4b6caa1b56ecef2c71a22307e48b38de9bvia Murphy & Co. Design

Take the foyer for example.  I am crazy over the architectural moldings in this space.  Look at the diamond detail in the transom over the front door!  I also like the darker color on the door; it gives a modern take on an otherwise traditional door.

4c0bc5a5727aa9c324b727e001cedf84990c7c27via Murphy & Co. Design

Here you can see the same style door echoed in the mudroom.  It pairs nicely with the gray slate.  The shiplap, storage and doggie door…yes, yes, and yes!


via Murphy & Co. Design

The kitchen is spectacular!  Very traditional with some modern touches throughout.  Look at those globe pendants above the island! I would love to cook and entertain in here!

500c3532a6d83ddb409f56bf0c5474f2d7c0a392via Murphy & Co. Design

And finally what looks to be the breakfast nook.  The windows really sing in this space don’t they?  I love the traditional farmhouse table.  Again, modern lighting above a traditional table gives this space a fresh look.

 I see the owners procured some blooms out of those beautiful hydrangea bushes by the garage;)! Three simple flowers down the table in julep cups finishes this space perfectly! I am making a mental note of that one;)!

I hope you enjoyed some calorie-less eye candy today;)!  If you wish to browse more pics of this talented firm, they can be found here.

Have a great week!


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