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Happy Monday!  Today I want to talk about decor that I use on a regular basis that stands the test of time.  No matter the decade or if my taste changes these are my “go to’s” in design;) I thought you might enjoy these tips and enjoy the pretty pics as well;)



There is ALWAYS an orchid in my home.  I do have faux, but I prefer fresh;)  Did you know they are very easy to care for?  Please don’t be intimidated;)  Simply place a couple of ice cubes on the soil every week. That is it!  I purchase mine for a reasonable price at Costco, however, grocery stores sell them as well.  I happen to like Costco’s quality and size for the price.


via Traditional Home

I love how the designer used this orchid in a large ceramic vessel on the deck of this gorgeous tub! I could envision myself taking a leisurely soak in this tub;)

clam orchid 7

via Dimples and Tangles

Above is a DIY faux orchid arrangement that is gorgeous!  That clamshell!!!! I have displayed a similar look in the middle of my dining table, but it would look gorgeous in any room!  Being that I love all things coastal, this is one of my favorite adaptations. Step by step directions on how to make this beauty can be found here. Give it a try!



Silhouettes are timeless. Whether your style is modern, traditional or somewhere in between, silhouettes will work with any design. Although the picture above was taken this Christmas, my boys’ silhouettes are there all year round.  These were made at Downtown Disney when they were littles, but there are simple tutorials online if you choose to make your own.

Below are a few examples of these timeless beauties in many different settings.

Farmhouse /Traditional



I never would have thought to use silhouettes so prominently in a kitchen, but love the attention and visual interest it commands!  Don’t you?



via Tobi Fairley

I enjoy browsing Tobi Fairley’s designs. She does a great job of infusing color and puts a great spin on Traditional design.


via Apartment Therapy

I love the traditional yet eclectic feel of these silhouettes.  The mustard color visually pulls this grouping of pictures together in a fresh way.  That bench is interesting as well;)



via Interior Marketing Group

I like that this room reads modern but has traditional silhouettes prominently displayed above the bed.  It just seems to work in this space well.

//Blue and White Porcelain//

If you know me well, you know my love for blue and white porcelain.  It is timeless decor because it is a collection that NEVER goes out of style.  I have incorporated blue and white into my spaces since my first apartment decades ago! Currently there is a huge presence on the internet and trade magazines regarding this porcelain, but it has been around for ages.  I personally don’t think it will ever go out of style.  Blue and White is quite traditional, but as you will see below, works seamlessly in eclectic and modern spaces too.



via John Nicholas Morrison


via Eleven Gables



via Houzz

How interesting is this!  A double potted orchid in spectacular blue and white!  It seems to mix quite well with the modern decor.


via Houzz

And finally, the above kitchen is a great example of how exquisite the blue and white looks in a somewhat modern”ish” space.  I love how the porcelain compliments the dark cabinets and adds some brightness to an otherwise dark space.

These are just a few of many examples of timeless decor that I use everyday in my home. I hope you enjoyed the ideas and incorporate some of them in your spaces!

Have a great week!




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