Around the House: Pillow Refresh



I cannot seem to get this lovely image out of my head;)  Isn’t it beautiful?   Everything about this room is perfection; the simplicity, the mix of old and new, texture, and my favorite blue and white ware! I love it so much that it has inspired me to do a pillow refresh in my family room.

Hands down accent pillows are the easiest and most affordable way to “refresh” an otherwise tired space. My pillows take a beating.  Remember, 3 males and one BIG doggie (who runs the house) equals run down pillows #Ipickmybattles. Hence, the need for some new ones;)

We own a Pottery Barn Pearce sectional in Oat that serves as a nice backdrop for any colorway of my choosing. It has served us well and is still going strong, which says a lot in my casa;) Choosing a classic neutral sofa is always a safe choice. If your style evolves or you get tired of a particular color scheme, all you have to do is change out your accent pillows! A neutral, non-patterned sofa will compliment most any color! Easy, right?

I almost always buy zippered pillow covers and use down filled inserts exclusively; I really love how they look and perform. I quite enjoy a karate chop to my pillows;) Down inserts also provide a fuller, more expensive look. Believe it or not down inserts are very inexpensive these days and can be found at Ikea or any home store.  I have found Ikea’s inserts the least expensive, and honestly are just as good as the pricier ones.

Below are some pillow choices I am considering that will bring that crisp, fresh coastal look I am going for!

//Blue and White Pillows//



I might add  an accent color to compliment the blue and white, but I like the fresh, crisp feel I am getting with these selections (*Of note* I wouldn’t use all of these choices together;)

As I type this the windchill is -3 degrees in my neck of the woods! I am CRAVING warmer spring-like weather and crisp fresh interiors;)   I surely hope the Groundhog is right and Spring is around the corner:) ! Have a great rest of your week!








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