The Elephant In The Room-Decluttering For Good


Okay friends…this is a vulnerable subject for me, but it is something I struggle with and I am sure many of you do too.  I grappled with even publishing this post, but I want to hold myself accountable so here it goes!  MY NAME IS MARLEY AND I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF!

I figured if I write about my ongoing, uncomfortable, anxiety-ridden issue, maybe, just maybe I can get a hold of the elephant in the room;)  I am not a “hoarder” like the TV show per se, but as the years go on I hold on to way more than I need; especially in the home decor department.

My friends have joked that I have a “store” in the storage area of my basement where all my pictures, lamps, vases, holiday decor, dishes etc. reside. I kid you not, it has caused many an argument between my husband and me;) #thestruggleisreal

I love to re-arrange, decorate with the seasons and use my stuff to change things up now and then.  But seriously, do I really need 4 dated candlestick lamps with outdated fringe shades?  NO.  This is what goes on in my head “But the lines are good…I could spray paint it a cute color and change out the shade…….” you get the point. Need I go on?

Don’t get me wrong, I have re-purposed some things, but for the most part….not that much.  The reality is, as my style evolves,  I need to realize that (barring a few good traditional pieces) I just don’t need 15 lamps taking up space on my shelves.  Clutter around my home=clutter in my head=me not using my time wisely=strained relationships=not keeping a tidy home=stress=anxiety=unhealthy habits#ain’tnobodygottimeforthat! Ha!


I am a Creative, period.  I enjoy creating, dreaming and scheming my next project.  But, all of those ideas swirling around my noggin leave me paralyzed.  I don’t have the time or energy to see them through, because I am just trying to keep up with the day to day. This leads to a very unhappy Creative (me).  I need a creative outlet and I am not fulfilling my desire to create because of the disorganization.

You get it, the tidying up, laundry, the never-ending editing of the closets all over the house, kitchen drawers, chest of drawers in the family room, foyer…on and on and on…. And, I haven’t even discussed what my husband deems as “the dumping ground” aka his office(he works out of the home) #blesshisheart #notfair#hehastomakealiving #nextonmylist. That’s a whole other post for another day.


Some people are Type “A” and organization comes naturally to them, but I am not one of them and I needed help. So, last year I picked up this little book and started reading it. Have  you seen it?  It is all over the world-wide web. Well…..the light bulbs in my head were going off left and right.  Aha moment after Aha moment….I finally got “IT”

Truth be told, I started with my bedroom closet and even IG’ed about it.  Man alive it felt soo good!  I tidied and Kondofied my drawers…I even folded my socks in neat little origami-like packages.  I was on a roll….then I stopped and frankly I didn’t “Kondofy” correctly. Life, stressors, schedules, emotions….you name it…#roadblock.


Believe it or not all the spaces in my bedroom that I “Kondofied” stayed organized after a year!  That is when I realized that this cute, petite, genius of a lady knew something I didn’t. Furthermore, it was a doable, worthwhile endeavor I was willing to partake in….again;)

So, this is the year my friends….I am finally ridding myself of the STUFF!!! I could go on a diatribe and a psychiatrist would probably have a field day psychoanalyzing me and my “stuff”, aka the clutter etc. (we all know that it is tied into our emotional baggage don’t we?) but I digress.  All I know is that it is out of control and causes more strife and conflict in my home and relationships than I am comfortable admitting.

What I know for sure (thanks Oprah;) is that when I have de-cluttered or organized in the past, everything starts to fall into place. My home, my relationships, my self-image and confidence.  I just “feel” better.  Can I hear an Amen?  It is all tied together my friends!


It is going to take some time.  Ms. Kondo states in her book, you have to start by “category” of things, not room by room #guiltyascharged#whenwillieverlearntofollowdirections;) It could take up to 6 months or more. The thought is once you really “Kondofy” tidying will be more manageable.

So there you have it!  I am Marley and have TOO MUCH STUFF! And, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!(Phew!  That’s off my chest, and it is in print and real so I must follow through)!

Are you with me? If you struggle as I do, I understand. Don’t get down on yourself.  Just because we are challenged with organization, does not mean we are weak or “less than”.  I have realized we are each unique and cannot be good at everything!  That’s what makes us “us”.


We are all in this together, and hopefully can see each other through;)  One day at a time….one item at a time…. I know it will be worth it in the end, and frankly, my mind could use a little more space to breathe and create…..which, come to think of it, will make fabulous blog posts;)!!!!  Now go and de-clutter and tackle that “elephant in the room;)” !

Have a great day friends!





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  1. Kristen Lenhardt
    February 18, 2016 / 12:38 pm

    I can’t wait to hear about your progress! Please keep us updated. I want to see before and after pictures! You can do this!

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