Do You “Zhush” Around Your Home?


 (verb) Make more exciting, lively, or attractive.

The other day all three of my guys went to a movie.  So I had a good 3 ish hours to myself on a Sunday.  No commitments, no cooking, no carpool…you get the idea;)  

This is a rare occurrence, but when it happens I get the urge to “Zhush”.   The empty house and quiet really gets the creative juices flowing and I become a crazy woman finding things to refresh and change before everyone comes home.  Sometimes it means going to my “stash”in my storage area and getting a piece of furniture or simply moving around pillows, accessories etc.


This particular day I decided my breakfast area (table and chairs) needed a “Zhush”!  The new tulips I purchased inspired this change.  Sometimes that’s all it takes!

Without going into too much detail, this table is about 20 years old and the chairs 12.  I’ve painted and stained (top of table) these beauties more than once to try to revive them.  Let’s just say the set has seen better days;)

I’m not ready to commit to another set yet, so I got the idea to switch out some chairs with a french country rush seat bench (under the pillows) I had in my basement.  I added two pillows from my living room and voilá a new look!



I think the addition of the pillows and bench give it a more “custom” look.  And the cost was $0!

I then became manic  and went room to room to see what else needed some “Zhushing”. I was on a roll!

Enter my foyer.


My foyer chest has been in a slump in the design department;)  It just felt too “crowded”.  I had two lamps on either end of the chest for quite some time and could not figure out why everything I put on top of it looked “off”.

So, in my manic  state I decided to remove one of the lamps. It took all of a minute to find some flowers, a stack of books (they were there already) and a marble box and voilá another successful “Zhush”. People, it seriously took one minute.

Now, the chest can “breathe” and feels lighter and brighter!  I can now see and appreciate the mirror above the chest as well :)


***BTW I am contemplating changing the chest color with an Annie Sloane chalk paint in a light gray or french linen with gold accents around drawers(where white is).  I would love your thoughts!

Now grab some  lots of caffeine, run around your house and see what can use some “Zhusing”….I promise you will be amazed at what a little tweak here and there can do to a tired space!

Have a Happy Week Friends!


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