Fiddle Leaf Fig

Happy Monday friends!  What a slow moving day today….overcast and I am lagging from the time change!  Isn’t it hard getting up in the dark?  Anyway….



Fiddle Leaf Figs have a huge presence in bogland.  I have admired these beauties but never bit the bullet and purchased one. I honestly couldn’t find one in my area.   Until now;)  These green leaf beauties used to only be available at garden nurseries etc., but because of  popularity have migrated to user friendly retail outlets.


My New Fiddle Leaf!

Many bloggers have blogged about purchasing them at discounters like Ikea (I have never seen them there).   I actually found mine at Home Depot a couple of weeks ago and it was $10.97!  It isn’t the tall beauty seen in my inspiration pictures, but still is quite cute!   I had to pick through a few specimens and many looked quite sad:(   But, I found one that looked good minus a few bruised leaves and brought it home. I placed it in my favorite Target basket and it lives in my living room where it gets morning light.



I have heard horror stories about keeping this plant alive, but so far so good!   If you have any suggestions on keeping these stunners happy and healthy I welcome them;) Fiddle Leafs are such good looking plants…it actually has inspired me to purchase a few more plants for my home.  We’ll see how green my thumb is in the coming months;)

Have a great week friends!





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