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IMG_6026  Current Staircase

Happy Monday friends!  Spring is starting to show its lovely self around these parts slowly but surely!  I am just waiting for the temps to catch up!

When we bought our current home 12 years ago it was stuck in the 80’s.  Over time we have made it our own and am proud that most of it was done ourselves;) It is such a great sense of accomplishment when you do things yourself. Isn’t it?

Our staircase in our front entry was no exception!  It was a nice staircase, but wasn’t living up to its potential;)  It was Oak stained and had a nasty beige wall to wall carpet running up the length of the stairs. Need I say more?

One day I was just sick-of-it!  Can you relate? Right then and there I started ripping up the carpet and already it started looking better.  ALL BY MYSELF I began the painstaking process of sanding, staining and painting every-single rise, run, baluster, and rail over the course of a few weeks.  This was before I started blogging, so I do not have the process documented, but believe me it was painful but so worth it in the end;)!

Like everything, it is starting to show its wear (can you sense a theme here?)  I have a 105 lb. dog who goes up and down the stairs and his nails have destroyed the finish. This really doesn’t bother me too much, because I like a house that shows character;)  However, my once spry puppy is now 8 and is starting to show anxiety going up and down these slippery stairs.  He has even fallen down them a few times…. this is the main reason why we’ve decided to bite the bullet and put down a runner.


How cute is this!

The criteria for this runner is:

  • Durability (2 teenagers, a husband and a big Doggie;)
  • Stylish
  • Colorway that won’t show dirt etc.
  • Cleanable
  • Low pile that won’t catch my dogs nails
  • Affordability

I always pull from inspiration pics and if money (and practicality) weren’t an object I would have no problem choosing something.  However, my choice must be affordable, hide dirt and wear well.

Below are a few inspiration pictures of runners I am admiring.


Traditional Home


Southern Hospitality Blog




Young House Love



 C3HerringboneShaleIndoorOutdoorRug_DA289_product_list SamodeCharcoalivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB236_product_listGradationTicking2x3_DA169_product_list SamodeFieldstoneivoryIndooroutdoorRug_RDB238_product_list BlueAwningStripe2x3_DA151_product_list MattressTickingWovenCottonRug_RP36_product_list CleoCementIndooroutdoorRug_RDB275_product_list 

Dash & Albert

(choices available in different colorways)

I like the look  of sisal and I know it would wear well, but I do not think it is an option because of my dog’s nails catching in the loops of the rug; not a good choice for an already anxious doggie;)

I probably will go with an indoor/outdoor option (as seen in Southern Hospitality’s pic above). They seem to wash and wear well and have come a long way in a design sense;)  I have a Dash & Albert indoor/outdoor rug and like how it has worn.  But we shall see…

I do not want to sacrifice good looking design and just “settle”. This runner will be the first thing you notice when walking in my front entry, so it must look good;)!

So the hunt continues!  I would appreciate any advice on this subject.  I have just begun my search. Please contact me below in the comment section or via email if you have any suggestions.  I would love your feedback and need all the help I can get;)

Have a Great Week Friends!



  1. March 21, 2016 / 10:33 am

    Our local flooring store did not seem super concerned about the looped option being a problem for a dog…I’ve never had dogs and I don’t know enough about how often they go up and down steps….but if it’s something that could be a problem then that should probably be out as an option. My clients are looking at the Tuftex line of rugs for their runner….specifically the Taza and the Tracery style. I’ll keep you posted and good luck on your search!

  2. March 21, 2016 / 7:42 pm

    Thanks Holly! I was thinking about going to a local shop as well just to see. Sometimes you can’t tell with online options. Thanks for replying!!! I’ll be sure to check out the line you mentioned as well😉

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