Holiday Home: Easter in the Dining Room



Happy Monday Morning!  I hope you had a great Easter (if you celebrate;) and enjoyed the day with family and friends:)

Our little family of four celebrated together with Easter goodies and a meal.  We  had a very cloudy day here in Chicagoland, but nonetheless I took pictures of my Easter table to share with you all!

Remember, no matter if you celebrate with just your immediate family or a big group take the time to decorate; it will make your people feel loved;)

I usually find something around the house to use for inspiration in my decor.  This year it was the beautiful yellow tulips I had sitting on my kitchen table.  Aren’t they lovely?


 I wanted to use something other than blue and white for decor (since I use it ALL THE TIME;), However, if I moved the flowers to a different vessel I thought the flowers might fall apart;) So I left them in the blue and white.

 My green cabbage plates came out of storage and actually complimented the blue.  I think they also pull out the green in the runner, so I just went with it;)

Everything used were things I already owned.  My forever motto: “Shop The House” !

Please enjoy pictures of my Easter table!

*remember…it was a dreary, wet, cloudy day so I did what I could with the pictures;)*












IMG_0158I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Have a Great Week Friends!


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  1. Kristen
    March 28, 2016 / 9:10 pm

    Pretty! Happy Easter to you all!

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