Stairway to Heaven?


Well…hello there!  I hope you had a wonderful summer.  If you are like me, I am so ready to get going on many neglected projects around the house;)

Last post, my darling husband and I were installing a fabulous runner on our beloved stairs.  Well, like any DIY project it did not go as smoothly as planned;)

Here’s why…after our first choice (thick seagrass) didn’t work out, we then ordered a gorgeous Dash and Albert indoor/outdoor runner.  You can read about the selection process here.   We chose the platinum color way and when it arrived we knew it was perfect choice…(this) so we thought…

At first the installation went really well!  No problems whatsoever…I even instagrammed about the process and how fabulous the rug looked!


 I thought my husband and I would actually get through a DIY without any arguments?!

Well…….I spoke too soon.

I am not going to give a tutorial or explain the arduous process, because honestly, we figured it out on a wing and a prayer;)   But for the love, if you have any kind of staircase that has angles other than an even turn i.e., 90degree etc.OR different length stair boards, run from this runner and hire a professional!  


Full disclosure…our issues were not the manufacturer’s fault.  The rug’s width was not the best choice for our stairs. If we were professionals we would have known this (lesson learned).   It just wasn’t the right choice for the crazy, hair raising, uneven turns on our problem child stairs;)


I truly adore the rug and actually if we had a straight up and down stairway we would have thought we were expert rug installers!  However, the pain, arguments, mind-blowing geometry (which BTW I failed in HS) that incurred will scar me and my hubs for life;)  Seriously, I even had an engineer take a look at it and he couldn’t figure it out! I am sure you DIY’ers can relate;)!


Needless to say this project is considered D-O-N-E and we did the best one could under the circumstances (which is fine with us).  However, if you are a Type A personality, the end result would drive you nutty.  Thankfully neither parties involved are;)

In hindsight…after all the research, youtube videos, etc., we figured out that most rugs that are installed on stairs configured like ours are CUSTOM…..of course! #duh. So, in the end we did the best with what we had and it is “good enough”.  I actually have received many compliments and if I didn’t point out the “flaws” one would never know-unless you are a master carpet installer;)!  Remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder:)


I still adore the pattern, color way and  traditional design aesthetic it brings to our entryway.  It looks classic, tailored and pretty.  Most importantly, my four legged friend will now be safe going up and down the stairs;)  We hope it endures the abuse it will receive;)  Time will tell!

BTW Wilson didn’t want the stairs to get all the attention while I was setting up this shot;)


 Now we’re off to marriage counseling (kidding) which probably would have been the amount of hiring a professional to complete this custom project the correct way, with the correct materials, and the correct knowledge;) LOL….lesson learned;)

Have a great holiday weekend friends!




  1. Kristen Lenhardt
    September 2, 2016 / 10:44 am

    The runner looks great!!

  2. September 2, 2016 / 12:33 pm

    Thank You!!! It truly was a labor of love😉!

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