Autumn Around My Home



As I started adding touches of fall to my home this year, I noticed I kept wanting to simplify my spaces. I think the above image represents this perfectly!

In years past, I felt the more decor the more festive it will be!!!  I’m sure some of you can relate;  I took out every pumpkin, leaf garland and tchotchke out of the bin marked “Autumn” and went to town! LOL!

I don’t know if it’s my taste changing, my boys getting older, or just wanting to simplify all aspects of my life. I just think less is more sometimes. Can you relate?

So, after picking up a few pumpkins and gourds  at my local grocery store I selectively adorned my spaces with simple, understated Autumnal touches. Let’s take a look!

My front door got a makeover recently, you can read about it here. I re-purposed a wheat sheave I made last year and decided to decorate my door with it!  Remember…shop the house!;)


Yes, it is has to go on the storm door….ugh! LOL!


In my kitchen…a white Cinderella pumpkin (my favorite) perfectly placed on a silver tray with eucalyptus

It smells good too! :)


The only thing I added to this kitchen shelf was a green pumpkin and LOVE how it turned out.  Simplicity at its finest!


A few gourds and citrus displayed on my counter ready to use!


Three baby boos perched under an antique family heirloom (made into a chalkboard)


In my family room… a  dried gourd purchased years ago (still a favorite) on my family room mantle

img_2311In my living room…A wheat sheave adorned with  brown silk ribbon nicely compliments a few pumpkins on the mantle

(ignore the lady taking the pic in the sunburst mirror…oops;)


And on the other side…a velvet pumpkin gifted to me with another sheave of wheat

All of this took no time at all.  We all lead busy lives.  However, placing a few touches of fall around your home is an easy thing to do. Simplicity is understated and can make a big impact on one’s mood and how they go about their day! We all have to go to the grocery store, so pick up a few pumpkins and adorn your spaces!

I promise, you will feel better;)

Have a Wonderful Week Friends!



  1. Kristen Lenhardt
    October 16, 2016 / 10:02 pm

    Love it!

  2. Carole K Harper
    October 18, 2016 / 7:01 am

    Simply stunning!

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