Hot Tub Wasteland to Patio Perfection

If you follow me on Instagram, you are aware that we’ve been tirelessly working on removing an old broken down hot tub in our outdoor patio space.

When we moved here 13 years ago we inherited this hot bubbling beaut;) Ha!  But friends…we are not hot tub people;) At the time our twins were 2 and there was no time for hot tubbing; and of course toddlers do not belong in hot tubs:)LOL!

We actually used it twice just to check it out and then it sat unused year after year, season after season.  It actually ended up being a playground for our dog Wilson as he chased rodents and who knows what else out of there! LOL!  So there’s that! :)


Can you tell there is a gorgeous paver patio under this behemoth tub??????


Forward to present day….I couldn’t take looking at it anymore and the area was overgrown and neglected.  Every time I did the dishes this was the view (nice fern though;)! We really wanted to reclaim this area because we knew there was gorgeousness underneath it all. Look what it was sitting on…. a gorgeous herringbone patio!


Then my wheels got turning… we could put a fire pit in the middle and make it a hang out area for our teens when friends come over etc. and of course family time.  For those with teens, you know you want your house to be the hang out, so we’ve been making over some spaces to accomplish this.

There is gorgeous design inspiration all over Pinterest!


This might be my favorite…I love the landscaping using various evergreens and mix of hard and soft scape.  Divine!


I think the use of lighting here is so creative!

I wanted to complete this project using little to no money at all and use what I had for now.  The only thing I needed to purchase was a fire pit and found that they are all on sale (yay!) I found one right away that had some visual interest and was just big enough and at the right price point. I didn’t even bother to look around; that’s how much I liked it. c41adc2c-f798-40bd-9017-886e54886b00_1000

We found this beauty at Home Depot for $69.00.  I liked the “X” design as well as the other details, it was portable, and was the perfect size! The portability was key in case we wanted to use the patio for different entertaining options etc.

My husband demoed (is that even a word?) the tub and yesterday and we hauled it up to the driveway for disposal.  We found an affordable option through Waste Management called “The Bagster”.  You can purchase them at Home Depot and schedule a pick up with Waste Management for a fee.  This is a perfect option if you don’t need a huge dumpster at a fraction of the cost.  You can read more about it here. This post is starting to sound like an advertisement for Home Depot! LOL! Are you reading this HD people? ;)


During Demolition

The Aftermath;) Yuck!

The Hot Tub Remnants Waiting for Disposal in the Bagster! Yay!!!!!!

So that’s where we are!  Now for the fun part…installing and styling;)  Remember I am “shopping the house” and using what I have.  The possibilities are endless with landscaping, lighting etc. But for this short season (remember we live in Chicagoland;) we are going to keep things simple and enjoy the fruits of our labor!  We will revisit the project next year.

Stay tuned for the final reveal!

Have a Meaningful Monday Friends! :)




  1. Carole K Harper
    October 24, 2016 / 3:53 pm

    Can’t wait for next seasons result! Looking good!

  2. Kristen Lenhardt
    October 24, 2016 / 8:37 pm

    Yahoo! Great job fitting all that in the bag!I can’t wait to see the results!

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