A Not So Scary Halloween

I know some of you in bogland are already in Christmas mode…what???? LOL!

But I thought I would share some snippets of our not so scary Halloween;)

Gone are the days where my littles beg me in September to start shopping for their costumes that may or may not change 4 times before October 31st ;)!  (sniff, sniff).


Godzilla and Starlord (Marvel) circa 2014;)

However, I continue to decorate and make Halloween (and every Holiday for that matter), special.  I get such joy making the house festive and still believe  no matter how old you or your littles get, it is important to show them you care;)


This year I didn’t go all out inside like years past, but I did embellish some tastefully not so spooky decor outside.

Our family isn’t into the gory side of the holiday, but we do like a good skeleton and grave!


Meet Mr. Bones…he has been around a while and clearly is missing some limbs, but I got creative and put him in the dirt this year with the last of our headstones from years’ past;)

Add a stringy cobweb and voila! A spooky ambiance fills the air!   :)


Mr. Bones Circa 2014


Yes it even snowed on Halloween one year!

Our tried and true bench is left out year round (yes even in the Chicago winter;).  It has been through many re-stains and  is so fun to decorate for all seasons! This sitting area  has hosted many important milestones in my kiddos lives; especially the first days of school! I will never get rid of it:)


Black and White is always a favorite around my home and is no exception outside:) I used my b&w outdoor striped pillows and complimented them with a striped mat at the front door.  The jack o’lantern pillow is from Target a few years ago.

On to the front porch….

I made the burlap wreath years ago and pull it out every year.  This might be the last year I use it as it is showing its wear;) I adorned it with a burlap Witch’s boot I found a few years ago for an added whimsical touch!

Did you notice my “Witches Inn” welcome sign (Target)?  BTW the Witch can be “out” as well with a flip of the hat LOL!  This particular day she was “in” wink..wink…;)

The original Mums I had in my iron pots expired a few days before Halloween.  My nursery had  two Mums (besides yellow)  left and boy did I luck out.  I love the burnt orange hue these flowers have.  It guess it was meant to be… love when that happens!

The rich auburn color pairs well with my Halloween sign as well as all the other decor.  Nothing new was purchased this year except the Mums of course:) Remember my motto: Shop the House!!!!!



I hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween!  I’m not quite ready for Christmas decor but I am burning my favorite Holiday candle and cannot wait to start decking the halls!

 But first, I have a few projects to finish#storyofmylife!

Have a wonderful week friends!



  1. Carole K Harper
    November 7, 2016 / 1:52 pm

    Like Like Like. Halloween is such a short holiday. As you always say…Shop the house!

  2. Kristen Lenhardt
    November 7, 2016 / 7:05 pm

    Love you bench! Happy Halloween!

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