Lovely Laurel Wreaths


via Etsy

Laurel Wreath designs have been around since ancient Greek and Roman times, but recently has a big presence all over blogland.

I have always loved the traditional, simplicity of the laurel design. There is something so lovely about it, don’t you agree?


Love EVERYTHING about this image! #drooling;)

One can find this beautiful design on personalized stamps, jewelry, chalkboard art, and hair adornments, just to name a few;) However, my favorite incarnation is found in the simplicity of a gold, traditional actual wreath…and on a door? Perfection!


Lovely over a bed as well!


Or even as a wall design.

il_570xn-1078596254_fbrivia Etsy

In my search for a gold laurel wreath, I started with Etsy.  However, they were quite pricey.  The one I was eyeing was $39.99. Furthermore, I knew I could recreate one at a fraction of the cost, so I began the hunt for a nice quality gold laurel garland (to make into said wreath;)

  I was shopping at the At Home store for something completely different (no surprise there;)  when I stumbled across a single strand gold laurel on a tablescape. Bingo! I asked an employee if I could purchase it and she obliged;)  I was glad because I didn’t have time to go galavanting all over the store looking for another.  Have you been to this store?  It is HUGE!! LOL!

I purchased the strand for $7.99!  It was perfect! I like that it didn’t have sparkles and was one tone of gold.  I don’t have a tutorial, but frankly it wasn’t difficult to recreate at all;)

 I took the garland, cut it in half and started playing with the design.  I actually reinforced the garland with some 24 gauge wire to give it more “play” and integrity.

Here it is while I’m “playing” with the shape.


I added some leftover leaves I trimmed off the top of the garland, to affix to the base of the wreath. This was done to complete the look similar to the inspiration picture.

(In the image above, you can see the exposed wires before I added the extra leaves.)


And…..the finished product!

So there you have it…all for the cost of $7.99! Not bad if I do say so myself;) It really was an easy DIY, even for this impatient gal;) LOL!

I am in full Holiday mode around these parts and the Christmas music is on 24/7!  I love this time of year:)

  Happy Decorating friends and have a joyous week ahead!



  1. Kristen Lenhardt
    November 28, 2016 / 1:42 pm

    Love it! (your second to last image is not loading)

  2. November 28, 2016 / 4:12 pm

    Thanks Kristen! I fixed it;)

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