My Skincare Routine

So here’s the thing.  This is mostly a decorating blog for inspiration and ideas.  However, I shared a lip color on instastories and received more likes than my decor ideas! #gofigure. So I thought I would compile a quick post on makeup and skincare.

 Today I am going to discuss skincare because without a healthy canvas (your skin) makeup won’t make a difference LOL!#sadbuttrue

I feel skincare is paramount to a healthy glow (along with clean eating etc.)  One needs a smooth canvas before applying ANYTHING on their face.  I have many people that comment on my clear complexion and how I don’t look my age (even though I feel it LOL!)  Honestly, good genes come into play here, but I have always taken care of my skin.  I will spend a little extra for good skin care, that’s how important I think it is.

We all know staying hydrated is a game changer in how your skin looks.  We all have vices friends;) Mine…coffee.  It’s my Mommy juice of choice and does dry my skin out, so I try to drink as much water to counterbalance this.  I am not going to lie….it is a struggle.  But I really notice the vibrancy and hydration in my skin when I drink lots of water#truth. I begin my day with hot water and lemon which is so good for digestion and gets my water intake jump started for the day. For the most part, I do not drink soda or sugary drinks. Like I said it’s coffee I crave! #thestruggleisreal

Bottom line:  DRINK LOTS OF WATER!!!

|| Skincare ||

Philosophy is a company that I have been using for well over a decade.  I’ve used many products from them over the years and I feel their price point is fair and not outrageous.  I also like their “philosophy” behind their products #cheesybuttrue;) Like anything, do your research.  As I age I use some of their anti-aging creams etc. so you be the judge as to what to use in your stage of life;) #iamamiddleagedwoman:)

Below are the products I use everyday. Remember, skincare is a personal choice and everyone’s skin is unique.  I am simply sharing what works for me.  I rotate a few more products in and out as needed. However, this is my everyday routine.

 **Of note**  it is so important to use an exfoliator etc., but I don’t do this everyday, so I am not including it.  Philosophy has good quick options available. Also, make sure you check your products and make sure they are not full of fillers etc.  I also use companies that do not do animal testing etc.

|| Cleanser ||


Purity made simple cleanser

This is an excellent place to start.  This cleanser takes off bullet proof mascara and all the “yuck” on my face.  It is gentle and doesn’t burn the eyes!   My husband and teenage sons use it as well.  We keep a mega size in the shower.

|| Clarisonic ||

I am here to tell you this device is a game changer and I use it everyday.  It is the only way my skin gets a deep clean. Also, the knock offs (in my opinion) are not as effective.  I believe in this so much that if I forget this on vacation, there may or may not be a freak out! LOL!  I immediately notice the difference.   That’s why I actually bought the smaller size and now keep it in my travel bag! LOL! You will not regret this purchase.

**Quick Tip*: If you purchase from QVC you have a 30 day money back guarantee even if you use it, so give it a try!:)

|| Serum ||

Philosophy When Hope Is Not Enough Hydrating Serum

I use this before my moisturizer especially when my skin is parched and needing more moisture. It’s like a drink for your skin and is full of antioxidants against all the free radicals out there!

|| Moisturizer ||

Philosophy Hope In a Jar Moisturizer

This is a game changer.  I started with this years ago (one of Oprah’s fave things) and loved it. It is not oily or greasy and doesn’t irritate the eyes etc.  This is where I started with this company.

Philosophy Renewed Hope In a Jar Moisturizer

 As I aged however, I noticed  I needed something to address the dullness in my complexion. My skin was changing (along with other things;), so I switched to this. It is similar to Hope In a Jar, just a bit more effective for my stage of life. I LOVE it!!  It is like a drink of water for your skin and is not greasy or heavy at all. Fine lines and wrinkles be gone!

|| Eye Cream ||

Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream

If I am honest, I have been through it with eye creams! I used to use a Philosophy product, but found the consistency changed and I just didn’t like it anymore.  Bobbi Brown to the rescue!  I use Bobbi Brown makeup products so I thought I would give her eye cream a try.  I like a good “slip” to my under eye moisturizer and this one does the trick. It is pricy, but I cannot find another I like better than this one.  I also feel it cuts down on puffiness and helps dark circles. I would love to hear suggestions on a less expensive option if you have one.

*Of Note* There is an “extra repair eye cream” as well…don’t get that one;)

So there you have it! My skincare routine in four simple steps that are done in under a minute! Seriously, you can do this!

Remember, every person’s skin is different.  My skin type is normal, however in the winter tends to dry out.  I’ve tried many and these are my “go to’s”.

**All opinions are my own**

Next time we will talk makeup!

Have a Great Week Friends!





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    Changing it up-I like it!

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    January 25, 2017 / 7:09 am

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